Feel like giving up?

I found inspiration to write this blog by listening to the song below. It’s a cover of Hans Zimmer’s Time by Manu and I hope you play the video below for greater emphasis (No copyright or infringement intended)!

Creating a meaningful blog has been on my mind for some time now. In fact, I started in 2012 but I eventually gave up. That’s the thing, why did I give up? I’ve left projects unattended, stopped my usual rock climbing routine, and couldn’t keep a clean notebook after the second page – does this sound familiar?

We throw in the proverbial towel for many reasons such as: a shortfall of willpower to put in the work, lack of ownership, trying to meet impractical deadlines, and procrastination. We often forage to find the “perfect” time or day to start something new and ultimately lose touch with reality. Countless times I’ve heard people say “I will continue studying after one more episode of Game of Thrones”, or, “after 1pm I will call the bank to sort my account.” This evasive pattern develops into a self-reinforcing cycle; therefore becoming a burdensome task when trying to meet tight deadlines. Then follows regret at which point you succumb to curling into a ball of hopelessness, confusion, and guilt.

Moreover, it doesn’t help by living in a society composed of fictitious individuals who try to please the people they don’t know with money they don’t have. It is further personified through social media at which point avid followers start chasing unrealistic goals. For example, get six pack abs in two weeks or become a millionaire over night. It’s important to understand having a brand new sports car parked in front of a council estate doesn’t perpetuate wisdom and wealth. Neither does struggling to pay the monthly minimum balance on your AMEX credit card. Successful people keep their lips sealed and eyes fixated on the goal ahead. They don’t broadcast the colour of the road to success and it doesn’t matter how you stick to the path, just don’t stop! So how do we become strong minded individuals?

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”

Start off by socialising with people who create a positive influence and motivate you. Being in a group of “do-ers” will inherently drive you to finish the task you’ve started. Furthermore, trying to complete everything in one day makes it harder to prioritise your time effectively. Set realistic targets, work patiently towards your goal, and over time you seldom give up. Understand everyone has their unique idiosyncrasies and widen the remit of your working capacity at a YOUR pace. You will fail if you keep track of time from the wrist of another person. Buy your own watch and take ownership of your goals. It all starts from the mind and try strengthening your will power to get up and start NOW. If you want to start your diet, don’t start it next week, or tomorrow, start NOW. If you want to start studying for your final exams or if you want to tell your parents how much you love them, DO IT NOW! You are setting goals for the benefit of YOUR health, YOUR future, and YOUR prosperity.

The most important factor to mitigate the chances of giving up is to love your craft. Having a strong affinity to your goal/project/blog will maximise the chances of success. The reason my previous blog lasted for one day is because I lacked passion, finesse, and clarity. For all my pursuits and goals in life, remaining humble has led me to forge an honest path. Passion coupled with a strong willingness to succeed will take you a long way. If you find an idea that you love, run with it. Who knows where it mind end up…

Try to finish the music and take a step back for self reflection. Understand your character, throw your excuses in the bin, and NEVER give up! I greatly appreciate any comments in the section below. Thank you and I hope you’ve enjoyed my post.


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9 thoughts on “Feel like giving up?

  1. Really lovely blog, I hope people read this and feel inspired. It is very encouraging and I wish you all the best with this blog. Keep on posting. At least 1 person will read it.

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  2. Nice post… most of us do that for various reasons. Hope you continue to write and post! Liked the quote..“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” That’s a very powerful one!

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